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Let’s play Damn Vulnerable DeFi CTF — learning Solidity security while playing!

Damn Vulnerable DeFi is the war game created by @tinchoabbate to learn offensive security of DeFi smart contracts.

Throughout numerous challenges, you will build the skills to become a bug hunter or security auditor in the space.

Each challenge can be considered standalone. Depending on the challenge, you should either stop the system from working, take as much funds as possible, or do some other unexpected things.

Notice: this is the latest version of Damn Vulnerable DeFi (read the announcement and changes). If you're looking for the old version, go to the v1 page.

How to play

If you want to play it by your own, just go to the Damn Vulnerable DeFi website and start solving the challenges.

Otherwise, you could clone my own personal repository, remove the solutions in the test folder and build your own! I have explained in the README file how to do it, and it should be pretty easy.

Solutions to each puzzle

Each day I will publish the solution to a new challenge, so stay tuned.